The Most Loved Photos and Graphics of Outer Space

Logo In SpaceOne of the very basic functions of early satellites was to make images of the Earth and different objects in outer space.

Still today, imaging the Earth and stars, satellites and spacedraft is still the basic function of many probes and satellites.

During their missions on the space station, many astronauts have paid particular attention to capturing images that can leave remarkable impact on mind.

As well as digital imagery captured by CCDs on space based hardware, some of the most iconic, and most revealing are vies  of the Earth from space, photos of satellite deployment into orbit and even of vehicles arriving at the space station.

All these scenes whether natural or artificial seem to be well appreciated by humans on Earth, so here we have listed some of the most notable recent images and graphics relating to modern space exploration.

Infrared View of the Horse Head Nebula

New infrared view of the Horsehead Nebula — Hubble’s 23rd anThis picture was taken on the birthday of the Hubble Telescope. This part of the sky is located in constellation of Orion, meaning hunter ( ). It simply shows the rising of gases and dust in the form of turbulent waves like a horse head. The original name of it is Barnard 33.

Echo of Light Three Years after Stellar Burst Out

Light continues to echo three years after stellar outburstThis is the picture taken by Hubble also, it shows the echo of light and changes in pattern of cloud formation after the star was first lightened in 2002.

This remarkable dust cloud pattern around the stars had never been seen before.

Photo of the Aurora Flames from International Space Station

Photo of the Aurora Flames from International Space StationThese are not glass crystals but photos taken from the International Space Station. These are the Aurora over the surface of Earth. ( ) Tim Kopra the Astronaut, who captured this stunning view, said that sky was like burning with flames.

This scene had happened on 4th May, 2016.

Southern Lights in the Sky

Southern Lights in SkyThis is another picture of Aurora taken from the International Space Station by the Astronaut Tim.

In this picture Aurora arose on the Southern hemisphere, most probably over Australia. The picture was taken on 21st April, 2016 ( ).

The astronaut says that he went to close shutters and then saw these amazing aurora Astrails.

NanoRacks Satellite Deployer on the ISS

Nanoracks in SpaceHere the image of a Cubesat deployer is shown in the picture. The small satellite deployer is manufactured by Nanoracks and the logo “N” is clearly visible on it. Designed by Martin Wilson of Nanoracks (, the prominent logo and branding of the commercial space company has become a useful marketing image used by the space research company.

The Cubesat deployer of Nanoracks is located on the international Space Station, which orbits the Earth 15 times per day and is located near the company’s external platform, allowing greater access to Low Earth Orbit.

Cygnus Spacecraft Released by the ISS

Cygnus Spacecraft Released by the ISSWell this is also something very interesting for those who want to know the mechanism for deployment of the spacecraft.

The scenes that depict the release are very stunning. Most of the small satellites and cubesats are released in orbit from the International Space Station. In this astonishing picture the space craft being released is the Cygnus.

It was on behalf of the Orbital Sciences Corporations ( ). The space craft delivered more than 1300 pounds of cargo including the students experiment, food and clothing for astronauts. It went back to Earth on 23 October.

Soyuz Approaches the ISS

Soyuz Approaches the ISSThe images of spacecrafts approaching the International Space Station are always amazing. Very mythical feelings can arise while viewing them and considering the progress man has made in spce. This picture shows the Soyuz Spacecraft approaching the international space station and is often used when illustration Russian built space hardware..

The Astonishing Grey Earth

The Astonishing Grey EarthThe space we live in looks very much different from the outer space. Many astonishing pictures of the Earth have been taken from different parts of the Earth as well as from orbit.

Many of these are those that illustrate the separation of Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. On October 9, 2013 this picture of Grey Earth was captured by the Juno Spacecraft.

This image is said to be unique and relatively different from others, not only because the gravity of Earth is used to boost the craft’s orbit to help it reacy its destiny.

The Moons of Saturn

The Moon of Saturn

To witness the single moon of Earth orbiting around it is really something astonishing. However, Saturn has many moons. It is really a wonder to observe how these moons appeal to viewers.

Titan is the biggest moon of Saturn, however, seeing this moon orbiting around Saturn seems to be just like our moon orbiting around Earth.

This picture was taken by the Cassini Spacecraft on 14th July, 2013.

ISS Deploying Satellites

ISS Deploying the Non SatellitesCubesats are very common small satellites launched by the space stations. These are not only launched by the state agencies but also by the commercial organizations, research organizations and universities for Earth and Space research purposes.

Usually Cubesats are launched in lower orbit of Earth with the help of a launcher or International Space Station deploys them.

The above picture was taken on 19th November while ISS’s small satellite deployer was deploying the cubesats into low earth orbit. Videos of the deployment can be seen at (

Glacier from the Space

Glacier from the SpaceSatellite images of the Earth always present a treat to the eyes. Same is the true for glaciers; they appear to be more awesome and astonishing from outer space.

Usually glaciers are not in reached by ordinary human beings. It is possible to see them from above via  satellite images.

This picture shows the marvelous view of the Upsala Glacier present in North Patagonian Ice Field. The area is located in Argentine.

Lights Across the Unites States

Lights Across the Unites StatesThere are so many interesting aspects of these satellite images. The one such aspect is that these pictures coherently explains, is the maps of different states in the US, on the basis of artificial lights. These lights not only present a good esthetic view but also demonstrate the maps in a new way.

The same fact can be seen in the above picture. ( ). This satellite image of America taken at night reveals the beauty of artificial lights. It was captured by the VIRS (Visible Infrared Radiometer Suite)  on first October, 2013.


So, what did you think of humankind’s gallery of space images,. Sure we missed some iconic ones that everyone has seen already, but feel free to let us know which images of the cosmos you rate and how you thing photography, graphics and imagery will evolve not just in space, but here on Earth also.

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